Artist Statement



Reinterpreting traditional craft and introducing them in new ways, Alyag Malkhassian’s inspirations have stemmed from Armenian cultural practice, ornamentation, pattern and folklore. Using multimedia techniques, such as ceramic, metal, wood, drawing, paper and print and using identity as a baseline, she is referencing techniques from the past and enforcing a sense of familiarity nostalgia.  

Each piece teaches her about this world and her journey through it by honouring her past and those that have come before her. Presently, slowly moving past culturally specific notions and moving into a broader landscape and expression, she is discussing the expansive human experience. Malkhassian is exploring form and its interaction with the body, protection, healing, repetition and accretion having become prominent themes in her work. making wearable pieces that create an all-encompassing sensorial experience. The meditative aspect of each step through repetition and mundane action has become a symbolic representation of interconnectedness in her work and life. 

Having worked alone most of her artistic journey, she is recognizing the importance of community and is in the process of creating a diverse team of artists that she can work with consistently. Creating roots in Montreal she craves a source of growth where artists help one another evolve in their collective and personal practice.


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Alyag Malkhassian